To achieve its mission ADC Forum has developed an integrated model of high-profile events, industry specific initiatives, information exchange and a leadership awards program. ADC Forum’s flagship initiative is the Australian Leadership Retreat, convened annually at the Palazzo Versace. This ‘invitation only’ two and a half day Retreat brings together Federal Cabinet Ministers from Australia and Asia, State Premiers and Senior Ministers, Chief Executives from the top 100 companies in Australasia, senior government officials, leading international academics and other community leaders to discuss the key issues affecting the nation, the wider region, and the international community.

ADC Forum also conducts the bi-annual Future Summit which provides a collaborative framework for Australia’s established and emerging leaders to share ideas, exchange views and create defined outcomes to improve Australia’s future. The Future Summit Leadership Awards, held in conjunction with each Future Summit, recognises and supports the next generation of Australian leaders. In addition there is an ongoing leadership program that includes a range of networking opportunities, issues workshop retreats and other activities generated by the participants.

ADC Forum also offers a range of other initiatives ranging from Boardroom briefings and Corporate/Government consultations such as Canberra Connection, to high-profile one day summits focusing on critical issues such as the 2016 ADC Education Summit. ADC initiatives are renowned for their quality, the calibre of participants, and the frank and constructive sharing of views they engender.

Publications of proceedings and contributions of major ADC Forum events represent an enduring resource for business and public policymakers, disseminating insights and expert contributions. View more