Australian Leadership Series

Facial Recognition Technology – the benefits

28 June 3:30-5pm AEST


The ADC Forum is hosting an online panel to help you better understand the benefits of facial recognition technology.

ADC Forum is pleased to announce a leading Australian and international Facial Recognition expert panel in a revealing roundtable discussion which will provide exceptional insights for business leaders and policy makers.

This discussion is part of the program ADC Forum is presenting in the lead-up to the ADC Future Summit on Digital Assets and Advanced Technology in Adelaide in October this year.


Facial Recognition technology is becoming ubiquitous in society today and whilst there are concerns about our privacy and security, what is being stored, and, is identification posing a threat to my human rights? Will the benefits to society and the safeguards in place be strong enough to create an overall significant benefit? The rate of advancement in technology will be covered as will any concerns we have about appropriate protections.

ADC Forum has assembled an eminent panel who will address key issues, including:

  • Ed Santow – Australian Human Rights Commissioner
  • Simon Longstaff – Executive Director, The Ethics Centre
  • Robert Templeton – Director Licensing and Business Transformation, SA Government Consumer and Business Services
  • Mark Andrejevic – Professor, Communications & Media Studies, Monash Data Futures Institute.
  • Des Viranna – Managing Partner Analytics, DXC Technology
  • Kaitlyn Shin – Regional Director. RealNetworks Australia / New Zealand
  • Claire Benn – post-doctoral fellow on the Humanising Machine Intelligence Grand Challenge project at the Australian National University

The panel will be chaired by Stephen Roux, CEO, Dragon Tree Capital and Eddie Parker of the ADC Forum.

You will leave this discussion with a better understanding of the current state of the Facial Recognition technology marketplace, its level of usage and those use cases that are relevant, and the current views on the Social, Privacy and Ethics issues involved in using this technology.

We look forward to you joining us.


ADC Forum