About ADC Forum

An independent think tank

What is ADC Forum?

ADC Forum is an independent, not–for–profit organisation founded in 1996 bringing together the nation’s foremost decision makers and thought leaders across all sectors to focus on the issues that are critical to future prosperity.

ADC Forum is an internationally connected community, enabling a strategic architecture for business to intersect with governments and academia across the world. ADC Forum brings a unique perspective, reflecting the changing nature of Australia and the world and strategically positioning Australia.

ADC Forum is able to draw on a network of leaders and the best thinkers across the globe to provide unique insights and challenge conventional wisdom. It takes a cross–sectoral approach to developing capacity for business, government, universities and broader civil society to jointly contribute to a resilient global system. Individual relationships and active engagement with partners are central to ADC Forum’s success and its capacity to provide access to global networks.

ADC is unique in combining a strong policy capability with credibility in the business sector, the capacity to incubate ideas and opportunities and the delivery of outcomes within the framework of an integrated strategy.

Hence, ADC is more than a think tank, and integral to its strength is its openness to collaborate with other institutions and organisations, reflected in a range of national and international agreements and working arrangements.

Governance and Advisory Board

The Founding Patron of ADC Forum is The Late Rt Hon Sir Ninian M Stephen KG AK GCMG GCVO KBE PC

The Past Patron of ADC Forum is the late Maj Gen The Hon Michael Jeffery AC AO (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)

The Patron of ADC Forum is Jeanne Pratt AC

The Founder of ADC Forum is Michael Roux

The Chief Executive Officer of ADC Forum is Anton Roux

ADC Forum Senior Advisors:
  • Matt Faubel, Chair, ADC Forum Program Committee
  • Sean Innis, Chair, ADC Forum Public Policy Committee
  • Loretta Joseph, Chair, ADC Forum Cyber Security Council
  • Dr Jane Thomason, Co-Chair, ADC Forum Digital Summit
  • Greg Medcraft, Co-Chair, ADC Forum Digital Summit

ADC Forum Advisory Council:

  • The Hon Richard Alston AO
  • Professor Ken Baldwin
  • Glenn Barnes
  • Adm. Chris Barrie AC RAN (Retd)
  • Steve Bracks AC
  • Prof. Edward Byrne AC
  • Terrence Campbell AO
  • Megan Clark AC
  • Revd Tim Costello AO
  • Prof. Glyn Davis AC
  • Saul Eslake
  • Prof. Allan Fels AO
  • Revd Dr Philip Freier
  • Prof. Margaret Gardner AO
  • Charles Goode AC
  • John Karkar QC
  • Graham Kraehe AO
  • Dr Simon Longstaff AO
  • The Hon Steven Marshall
  • Terry Moran AC
  • Hugh Morgan AC
  • Sam Mostyn
  • Maurice Newman AC
  • The Hon Andrew Robb AO
  • James Roche
  • Steven Skala AO
  • Prof John Stanley
  • Glenn Stevens AC
  • Peter Tesch
  • Catherine Walter AM
  • Richard Warburton AO
  • Dr Ian Watt AC


International Faculty

Eric Beinhocker Dr Robert Bishop
Phillip Blond Dr H. Woody Brock
Prof. Nick Butler Robert Cervero
Dr Ken Courtis Prof. Paul Davies AM
Charles Emmerson Prof. Dan Esty
Raghida Dergham Thomas Friedman
Dr Ian Goldin Dr Ralph Gomory
Nik Gowing Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE
Prof. Gideon Henderson Prof. Ove
Hoegh-Guldberg Yoshito Hori
Prof. Dan Kahan Anatole Kaletsky
Dr David Kilcullen Prof. Ellen Langer
Prof. Lawrence Lessig Prof Kishore Mahbubani
William Mayer Jonathan Medved
Prof. David Menashri Prof. Ilian Mihov
Dr Robin Niblett Prof. Olivier Oullier
Prof. Paul Rome Prof. Mahmood Sariolghalam
Dr Bror Saxberg Anthony Scaramucci
Tom Schelling Joe Schoendorf
Lord Nicholas Stern Prof. Joseph Stiglitz
Prof. Hirotaka Takeuchi Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg
Adam Trombly Distinguished Prof Geoffrey West
Martin Wolf CBE Gabe Zichermann
ADC Forum