Australian Leadership Series

Australia as a Fintech Leader

29 September 2021 – 10.30am AEST


ADC Forum considers that Australia’s growth as a technology and financial centre is critical to our national prosperity. We see huge potential, but also risks and issues to be managed and it is essential we draw on best-practice international experience.



To support the potential of this sector, ADC Forum recently made a submission and appeared at hearings held by the Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre.

We are now offering you an opportunity to engage with the internationally recognised experts who contributed to our Senate Committee submission:

  • Loretta Joseph, Chair, ADC Cyber Security Council and internationally recognised authority in digital asset regulation and blockchain technology;
  • Dr Jane Thomason, Author, Industry Associate, University College London Centre for Blockchain and frontier technology and social impact thought leader;
  • Greg Medcraft, former Directorate Head, Division of Financial Enterprise, OECD and Non-executive Director, Australian Finance Group (AFG);
  • Rick McDonell, former Executive Secretary, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and Executive Director, ACAMS

The webinar will give you exceptional insights into the current state and potential of fintech and an opportunity to gain cutting edge knowledge to apply in business and in government.

Topics covered will include:

  • How Australia can realise the economic opportunities in the fintech sector
  • Growing Australia’s share of the multi $ billion crypto and digital assets sector
  • Establishing the ecosystem to provide the legal certainty which will drive private investment
  • Proven strategies for start-ups
  • Lessons from global regulatory experience in multiple jurisdictions and creating the necessary legal frameworks
  • Ensuring access to talent
  • Attracting finance
  • Creating and enabling business environment
  • Recognising and attracting skills in a globally competitive environment

We have also attached here our submission to the Senate Committee if you wish to read it.


If you have any further any questions please contact us at our email [email protected].

Dr Jane Thomason has written a summation of the webinar and its available here ADC AUSTRALIA AS A FIN AND TECH CENTRE


The Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre has now published their final report.

A great many thanks to the Senate Committe Members,

Senator Andrew Bragg LP, NSW

Deputy Chair
Senator Marielle Smith ALP, SA

and Members
Senator Susan McDonald NATS, QLD
Senator Rex Patrick IND, SA
Senator Paul Scarr LP, QLD
Senator Jess Walsh ALP, VIC
and Secretariat
Lyn Beverley, Committee Secretary
Christopher Sautelle, Principal Research Officer
Emma Wannell, Acting Senior Research Officer
Margaret Cahill, Research Officer
Shannon Ross, Administrative Officer

Our ADC expert advisory team as above and a large group of indusrry contributors who are involved in the Digital Assets Industry, the is a fantastic day for the Fintech and Technology sector in Australia.

The full Senate Committe report is available to read along with all the other content posted above:

Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre – Final Report

and you can visit the Senate Committee webpage for all the other submissions here


ADC Forum