ADC COVID-19 Update Series – Part Three: The Economic Legacy and What Does It Mean Going Forward?

About the series

ADC Forum is bringing together Australian and global thought leaders to explore and debate the evidence and the issues, with which the COVID-19 crisis challenges us.

The aim of this four-part series is to present current information and insights and expose arguments relevant to understanding and moving on from the crisis.

ADC Forum does not necessarily endorse any of the viewpoints, but presents them as a contribution to informed discourse and decision making on issues critical to our future.


On the day of the Australian Federal Budget, this will be a particularly timely and important discussion relating to the positioning of the policy settings required for Australia to move forward.

Part three of this series will focus on the following  –

  • What are the current predictions of the impact of the pandemic on the global, and in particular Australian, economy in the short, medium and long term?
  • What will be the impact on small business and jobs and what can be done to help the survival of this critical sector?
  • What are the appropriate and viable long-term policy options?
  • How is economic thinking changing and what assumptions are up for challenge?
  • How is the Australian economy rebuilt and how does it repay its debt in coming years?



Anatole Kaletsky
Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of Gavekal Dragonomics. A former columnist at the Times of London, the International New York Times and the Financial Times, he is the author of Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy in the Aftermath of Crisis, which anticipated many of the post-crisis transformations of the global economy. His book, Costs of Default, became an influential primer for Latin American and Asian governments negotiating debt defaults and restructurings with banks and the IMF.

Professor Robert Officer AM
Chairman of the Board at Acorn Capital Ltd. Bob Officer is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Melbourne and a specialist in financial economics. His career has spanned academia and consulting across private and public organizations. Current and former directorships include Victorian Funds Management Corporation, Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Victorian WorkCover Authority, Over Fifty Group Limited, CP2 Limited, JF Capital Partners and the Bank of Melbourne.

Jack Dwyer
Founder and CEO, Conduit Capital. Jack has invested globally across asset classes over the past 15 years. He lived in London for more than a decade and worked for Soros Fund Management and Pacific Point Partners. He has visited over 50 countries. Jack is a proud dual Australian & British Citizen, a Young Global Leader of the Milken Institute and a member of NEXUS. He has an Economics (Social Science) degree from the University of Sydney and has completed the University of College London’s Blockchain Executive Education Programme.

Professor Gigi Foster 
Professor, Director of Education, UNSW Business School. Professor Foster’s research interests and contributions lie in the areas of education, social influence, behavioural economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behaviour in groups. Much of her published work focuses on aspects of decisions related to human capital investment and social influence. Her research contributions regularly inform public debates. Named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia, Professor Foster has filled numerous roles of service to the profession and engages heavily on economic matters with the Australian community.

Jeremy Wilson
Chairman at The Whitechapel Think Tank, a forum for the public and private sector on distributed ledger technologies, a member of the Advisory Board of Form3, a payments start-up, and Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Jeremy retired recently as Vice Chairman of Barclays Corporate with Barclays Bank PLC. During his 47-year career with Barclays he worked across its major business units and in Australasia, Vanuatu, the United States of America, Europe and UK.


Future episodes in the series include – 

13 October 2020 – 5pm       Becoming pandemic ready

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