Media Release: President Putin Talks to ADC Forum

10th November 2020



In an Australian first, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, called for the casting aside of silo mentalities by some Western leaders in an interview with ADC Forum CEO Anton Roux.

Mr. Roux was part of a Panel at the 17th annual Valdai Discussion Club this month who interviewed the President following his opening of the event.

“It was a privilege for the ADC Forum to be selected to the Panel,” said Mr. Roux. “The ADC Forum puts a high priority on the value of discussion, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders with their disparate perspectives. This is aimed at overcoming group-think or siloed thinking – as President Putin referred to it – which enables new ways of seeing and being able to solve the problems faced by each country and by humanity as a whole also.”

Mr. Roux said that with the change of Presidency in the US, President Putin’s highlight of the need to address climate change on a global scale along with cyber security were extremely important. President Putin called on the US to accept the Russian invitation to engage in bilateral dialogue on building trust and confidence into cyber information and the way it was outpacing laws.

“I believe his speech highlighted that it was now time for Australia to not just follow the United States with repetitive geopolitical thinking, but to work with the United States to help peel back existing silo mentalities and to advance the best strategic movements and logic for humanity,” said Mr. Roux.

The President told Mr. Roux that he hoped his legacy would be one of implementing national goals and policies to ensure the future of young people. His focus was on developing and bringing forward policies which laid the foundation for economic and social development and reinforcing the nation’s sovereignty. “I do not want to build an image of a world leader,” he said. “I am different to my colleagues as leaders of other countries. My focus is working at strengthening the country. This is my goal in life.”

In a follow-up interview with the TASS news agency, Mr. Roux said the President drew attention to the importance of the United Nations and its member institutions for the formation of a global management system and countering the threats facing humanity.

“The President has not chosen the path followed by many, stating that we must fully focus either on solving global or on solving national problems.  He understands the importance of both directions,” said Roux.

“He (Mr. Putin) stressed at the plenary session that it is necessary to strengthen the states themselves and to work to create a more durable architecture of global governance, which is necessary to resolve world problems.”


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