ADC Forum Briefing Series

Sam Chandler

The Future of Work – A Seismic Transformation

Part of ADC Forum’s briefing series on surviving the crisis and building the future amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Matt Faubel (Chair, ADC Forum Program Committee) interviews Sam Chandler, Founder and CEO at Nitro. After founding Nitro with several friends in Melbourne in 2005, the once-tiny startup has gone on to become a Silicon Valley success story. Today, Sam leads a team of over 200 Nitronauts across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia, and every month, millions of people in nearly 200 countries use Nitro products.

Join Sam and Matt as they discuss the business and social implications of the changes in the nature and place of work – Is the crisis heralding a fundamental shift in the nature and place of work, or is it merely a temporary adaptation? Which are the elements we should seek to preserve and how do we manage those aspects of work which rely on direct human interaction? And how do we prepare and equip the workforce for this new world?

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