Interview Sessions – Professor Yoshi Nashim – Culture as an adaptation device

Culture is one of the best weapons we have to adapt to a variety of challenges we face and will face in the future, from nature and society. Professor Yoshi Kashim from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017.

Interview Sessions – Professor Ian Goldin – ethics and technology

Fundamental changes are happening and technology is empowering humans in extraordinary ways. We have more choice about everything, even in the future the possibility of designer babies. What ethical questions does this raise?

ADC Interview Sessions – Joe Schoendorf – What does the intelligence age mean for Australia?

What does the ‘intelligence age’ mean for Australia and what role can it play in the future? High Tech Venture Capitalist & Silicon Valley Pioneer Joe Schoendorf talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017

ADC Interview Sessions – Professor Brian Schmidt – the need for Business and University to collaborate

Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor at ANU “How much Australian business and university collaborate is appalling – one of the worst places in the world. We need to focus on how business and universities come together to accelerate innovation”

ADC Interview Sessions – Dr. Joanna Batstone – engaging millenials and citizen science

Dr. Joanna Batstone talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017 about how IBM are embarking on citizen science and how to engage in millennials.

ADC Interview Sessions – Professor Ann Nicholson on data modelling and immersive analytics

Professor Ann Nicholson talks about probabilistic data modeling and immersive analytics, including Virtual reality and 3D. With such complex models what skills and abilities do we now need to understand the data?

ADC Interview Sessions – Dr. Joanna Batstone – using data for social good

How do we take concepts of AI and bring them into real world scenarios? Dr. Joanna Batstone talks about how IBM are using data for social good, with a focus on health care. By using AI techniques for medical imaging, computers can help with early detection and diagnosis of cancer by inspecting thousands of skin images. In this way, big data has the potential to transform healthcare and make a difference in the lives of everyday Australians.

ADC Interview Sessions – Anatole Kaletsky – Europe’s future looks bright

Since Brexit indicators from other major European countries indicate that surprisingly, Europe seems to be moving more towards a political equilibrium rather than a tearing up of the social fabric which is what we are seeing in the U.S and Britain. Europe is in the Goldilocks period the U.S has just emerged from, where economic activity is decent and improving with a growth rate of 2% over the last two years. Economist Anatole Kaletsky speaks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017.

ADC Interview Sessions – Gregory Copley – Learning from history to navigate the future

Gregory Copley speaks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017. We are heading into a period of sudden and rapid change. We will see major population decline around the world in 30 – 40 years and this concentration of human numbers and disposition will drive everything.  It’s not something that is unfamiliar in historical terms and if we understand historical processes we can understand it. New countries will emerge and countries will disappear – we need to learn from the past to understand how this works. The future holds a new economic model but it’s nothing we can’t handle.