ADC Interview Sessions – Professor Brian Schmidt – the need for Business and University to collaborate

Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor at ANU “How much Australian business and university collaborate is appalling – one of the worst places in the world. We need to focus on how business and universities come together to accelerate innovation”

ADC Interview Sessions – Dr. Joanna Batstone – engaging millenials and citizen science

Dr. Joanna Batstone talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017 about how IBM are embarking on citizen science and how to engage in millennials.

ADC Interview Sessions – Professor Ann Nicholson on data modelling and immersive analytics

Professor Ann Nicholson talks about probabilistic data modeling and immersive analytics, including Virtual reality and 3D. With such complex models what skills and abilities do we now need to understand the data?

ADC Interview Sessions – Dr. Joanna Batstone – using data for social good

How do we take concepts of AI and bring them into real world scenarios? Dr. Joanna Batstone talks about how IBM are using data for social good, with a focus on health care. By using AI techniques for medical imaging, computers can help with early detection and diagnosis of cancer by inspecting thousands of skin images. In this way, big data has the potential to transform healthcare and make a difference in the lives of everyday Australians.

Future Summit 2015 Highlights

Highlights from the 2015 ADC Forum Future Summit held on 28-29 September.

Anthony Glenning at ADC Future Summit 2015

Anthony Glenning, Investment Director for Starfish Ventures, filmed this video at the Future Summit to give his read on the current state of the Australian venture capital industry. He also tackles the critical issue for Australian entrepreneurs of the stigma of failure. If we are to become a successful nation of innovators, we must lose our fear of failure, Anthony says.

Gregor Freund at ADC Future Summit 2015

Silicon Valley legend Gregor Freund, CEO of Versal and co-founder of Zone Labs, gives his view on the good and bad of the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem. In this video filmed at the Future Summit, he talks about the narrowing expectations now dominating Silicon Valley start-ups and investors, and the opportunities these open up for Australia.

Kara Frederick

Australia shouldn’t try to emulate Silicon Valley, and we shouldn’t wait for offshore venture capital to come here, says GrowthPoint Technology Partners Director Kara Frederick in this interview filmed at the 2015 Future Summit. Australia has the talent, it has the capital – we just need to focus strategically, and make long-term investments in our own people and companies.