Prof Simon Molesworth AO QC at Creating Healthy Cities Summit

Heritage preservation is not a matter of freezing the past, says Prof Simon Molesworth AO, QC. Rather, it is a case of blending the unique character of a city with the new cultures to create a thread of continuity, and gives people a sense of belonging to a place. Failure to create belonging can lead to social dislocation, and anti-social behaviours amongst the alienated, which threatens social cohesion and stability.

Dr Janet Stanley at Creating Healthy Cities Summit

Prof Janet Stanley, from the Melbourne Sustainable Society at the University of Melbourne, gives her views on the crucial need to address housing needs through better regulations, more social housing, and inner and middle suburb development close to existing infrastructure; rather than sprawl. As densities rise, there is also a pressing need to creatively reclaim road and other space for children to play and develop.

Rohan Mead at the Creating Healthy Cities Summit

Australian Unity was the Major Partner with ADC Forum in the Creating Healthy Cities Summit, 30 Nov – 1 Dec. In this video filmed at the Summit, Australian Unity Group Managing Director Rohan Mead discusses the importance of inclusive and accessible city design for an ageing population, and for the differently abled. He also talks about the need for planning authorities to engage the community, and the market, to deliver on a vision for healthier cities.

Roz Hansen

Professor Roz Hansen is a leading Australian expert on urban planning, and Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Plan Melbourne Refresh. Professor Hansen spoke at the Creating Healthy Cities Summit, and also contributed this interview, in which she discusses the critical importance of building healthy cities starting at the neighbourhood level.

Richard de Cani

London is one of the world’s great metropolises, and key to its status is its world-leading transport system. Transport for London’s Managing Director of Planning, Richard de Cani, was a keynote speaker at the Creating Healthy Cities Summit. In this clip he offers public transport and housing density lessons from London.

Nitin Dixit

India’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem has developed to the point now where talent no longer has to go overseas to Silicon Valley to achieve success. In this Future Summit 2015 interview, Earthwise Group founder and CEO, Nitin Dixit – who began his innovation career in Silicon Valley – talks about what Australia can learn from India’s experience as our own entrepreneurial ecosystem matures.

The RT Hon Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

The Rt Hon Lord Mayor Robert Doyle at the Creating Healthy Cities Summit 2015

Professor John Stanley on the Creating Healthy Cities Summit

Our urban centres are engines of enterprise, rich in diversity and opportunity. But they also face enormous challenges, such as urban growth, changing demographics, and congestion, which place increasing pressure on infrastructure, health, and the environment. In this short video, ADC Forum co-Chair Professor John Stanley, from University of Sydney’s Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, talks about the critical health and transport issues we face. These, and other issues, are set to be tackled by world leading experts – including Richard de Cani from Transport for London, Professor Robert Cervero from UC Berkeley, and Howard Duncan from the Montreal-based … Read more

National Infrastructure and Cities Summit – The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications presents his vision for infrastructure in Australia. ADC Forum endeavours to film all initiatives for archival and program development purposes. This video is provided as an example of ADC Forum initiatives. Access to full catalogue of content via Corporate Membership.