Francis Gurry was appointed Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 1, 2008.

He began his WIPO career in 1985, having previously taught and practiced law.  He holds law degrees from the University of Melbourne and a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, UK.  He is an Honorary Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne, an Honorary Professor of Peking University and holds honorary doctorates from a number of universities.

Mr. Gurry is currently chair of the UN High-Level Committee on Management, which reports to the UN Chief Executives Board (CEB) and is responsible for ensuring coordination in administrative and management areas across the UN System.  

He is the author of a number of publications, one of which has become a standard text published by OUP as Gurry on Breach of Confidence.

An Australian national, Francis Gurry speaks English and French.