Jack Welch Dives Into What Leadership Could and Should Be

While TED talks seem to be all the rage, just 4 minutes and 44 seconds of Jack Welch speaking on leadership will have you seeing the world and its galaxy in a whole new way. In under 5 minutes Welch hones in on what he believes true leadership is and how to do it, not just from lip service but walking the walk in the routine and the long run. To give some perspective, Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for two decades and got some things done while he was there. From $1.5 billion to $15 billion … Read more

What do leaders need to do to regain trust

Leadership has long held a particular allure for mankind. From the leverage it affords the wielder to make change as they see fit, to the myriad of useful externalities it brings, leadership, and the power innate within it, has not had anything but a checkered past. While memorable leaders such as Mandela and William Wilberforce have cast benevolent legacies to be recited at primary school history presentations for years to come, history carries the heavy weight of leaders who used their platform to harm, deceive and destroy. Pol Pot, Jeffrey Skilling, Elizabeth Holmes and Berlusconi, to name only a few … Read more

Cybersecurity And The Future Of Our Networks

Bluntly put there are two types of companies, those who have been hacked and those who are poised to be hacked. An alarming trend is that many see the issue of cyber security as merely contained to the corporate sector. Threats to network and data security have stemmed and will continue to stem from a multitude of state and non-state actors, posing threats to all and sundry, regardless of type, commercial enterprise, state body or individual. Understanding the nature of the cyber environment is the first step in pivoting to a reasonable position of defense. What are state and non-state … Read more

Education and Economic Performance

Rapid changes in technological industries and the inability of modern institutions of learning to adapt at that pace is creating a disjuncture of supply to need. Corporations are becoming increasingly frustrated at the gap in skills offered by recent graduates from established institutions and are instead focussing on direct involvement in workforce development. Questions as to the validity of an education system developed in the 19th century to meet modern workforce needs are strongly being asked. Will established institutions be able to adapt to the radical transformation needed from sectors that are developing at breakneck speed? In order to set … Read more


Interview Sessions – Professor Yoshi Nashim – Culture as an adaptation device

Culture is one of the best weapons we have to adapt to a variety of challenges we face and will face in the future, from nature and society. Professor Yoshi Kashim from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017.

Interview Sessions – Professor Ian Goldin – ethics and technology

Fundamental changes are happening and technology is empowering humans in extraordinary ways. We have more choice about everything, even in the future the possibility of designer babies. What ethical questions does this raise?

ADC Interview Sessions – Joe Schoendorf – What does the intelligence age mean for Australia?

What does the ‘intelligence age’ mean for Australia and what role can it play in the future? High Tech Venture Capitalist & Silicon Valley Pioneer Joe Schoendorf talks at the Australian Leadership Retreat 2017

ADC Interview Sessions – Professor Brian Schmidt – the need for Business and University to collaborate

Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor at ANU “How much Australian business and university collaborate is appalling – one of the worst places in the world. We need to focus on how business and universities come together to accelerate innovation”