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As an Australian, non-political thought leadership organisation, the ADC Forum brings leaders from all dimensions of Australia together to improve their understanding of key issues affecting our country as a whole. It encourages insight, thought, collaboration, innovation, engagement and action for Australia’s future benefit. Into the future the ADC will continue to take an active role to help drive key agenda items critical to Australia future – working with leaders from business, academia, social endeavours and the government.

To achieve its mission the ADC Forum has developed an integrated model of high-impact events, leadership roundtables, industry and segment specific initiatives, a research program and a series of leadership awards.

ADC Forum initiatives are renowned for attracting high calibre participants, engendering frank and constructive sharing of views, and generating quality ideas and courses of action. In order to ensure the right level of involvement and engagement, the inclusion of disruptive thinking, diversity and integration, the Chatham House Rule will apply to key and critical elements of the program.

Partnership offers many opportunities across the ADC Forum range of initiatives. For Partnership enquiries please Contact Us.

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