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This inaugural Summit was held in the iconic setting of the Sydney Cricket Ground. March 13 and 14, 2014

Upgrading Australia’s infrastructure has become one of our most pressing requirements, to lift productivity and retain our envied liveability. This National Summit guides the long term development of our cities and the way in which infrastructure is delivered.

A National Summit For:

  • Infrastructure companies
  • Land use and infrastructure sector planners
  • Students and Academics
  • Financiers
  • Community representatives
  • Federal and State government departments and agencies
  • Local government decision makers

Infrastructure is the critical backbone for a prosperous and internationally competitive economy and an equitable society. The challenge is making the best use of existing infrastructure and optimising the financial and social returns from investments in new infrastructure. This is a particular concern in our cities, the futures of which are the key to Australia’s economic prosperity in the knowledge economy.

There is widespread recognition that Australia has underinvested in infrastructure over the past three decades. Estimates of the backlog vary widely, to as high as $700b. The infrastructure deficit is holding back productivity growth. ADC is bringing together key thinkers and decision makers from a wide range of sectors in a two day Infrastructure and Cities Summit. This Summit is informed by expert insights through a working group process and best practice international case studies.

Please see our Publications page for access to the report.