ADC Forum contributes to building national capacity and development of national leadership through collaborating with universities and other educational institutions in Australia and across the world. These partnerships have been a cornerstone of ADC’s Leadership Program over the last two decades. A key initiative in this program are the Australian Leadership Awards, which support and recognise emerging national leaders across a wide cross-section of the Australian community. ADC Leadership Awards alumni include some of our nation’s most talented contributors across many fields, who have gone on to make an enduring mark in business, government, academia and the community.

Australian Leadership Awards

At ADC Forum we recognise new outstanding talent with the Australian Leadership Awards. The Awards recognise young leaders for their work across a spectrum of Australian life – our economy, culture, environment or community – and for their demonstrated vision for Australia’s future.

Future Summit 2015 Scholarships

The ADC Forum is pleased to announce it’s first scholarships opportunities for Bachelor and MBA programs. These scholarships are generously provided by Dūcere and the University of Canberra.

Future Summit 2015 Startup Exchange

The ADC Forum invited emerging entrepreneurs and businesses to submit their business plans for a “Pitch Off” as part of Future Summit 2015, encouraging emerging businesses at all stages of growth to apply.