Dr H. Woody Brock, President and founder of Strategic Economic Decisions (SED), Inc. BA, MBA, MS (Harvard); MA, PhD (Princeton) describes how to avoid a lost decade of economic stagnation and mounting debt.

ADC Forum, together with the Faculty of Business and Economics hosted a public lecture by highly sought after and globally renowned advisor Dr H. Woody Brock, during his visit to Australia in February 2012. A successful speaker across a broad range of public policy areas, from health policy and intergenerational equity to markets and foreign policy, Dr Brock’s mathematical expertise provides a unique analytical perspective to the economics of various hitherto confounding policy issues.

He has just published American Gridlock to strong praise. The book crystallises a strong body of previously classified material for public knowledge and the book is likely to be one of significance in the lead up to the US Presidential election this year.

American Gridlock is the first book to identify and interrelate five of the principal themes of the 2012 US presidential election:

  • Distributive Justice (who owes what to whom and why)
  • Today’s Lost Decade and how to salvage the economy from stagnation and unemployment
  • Exploding “entitlements” spending
  • Chinese economic and military aggression
  • Future financial market Perfect Storms
  • The relationship of “capitalism” to a truly idealized social system

In addition, it is the first book to demonstrate how today’s “Dialogue of the Deaf” between the Left and Right wing has generated full-stop policy gridlock in Washington—and how to put an end to today’s Left/Right shouting match.

H. Woody Brock is President and founder of Strategic Economic Decisions (SED), Inc., a firm that provides economic and financial market analysis to financial institutions, corporations, and investors. He has authoured numerous Op-Ed pieces in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and a variety of professional journals, and speaks regularly at investment conferences and forums. He is known worldwide as a speaker and writer adept at taking complex ideas and theories and expressing them logically and clearly. Brock was elected an Andrew Mellon Foundation Bicentennial Fellow of the Aspen Institute. He earned his BA, MBA, and MS (in mathematics) from Harvard University, and his MA and PhD from Princeton University.