For 20 years ADC Forum has brought together the nation’s foremost decision makers and thought leaders across all sectors to focus on confronting the issues that are critical to the future prosperity and well being of Australia, its economy and people. ADC Forum offers a unique and vitally important opportunity for leaders to engage with peers and key stakeholders to drive change.

The theme for the ADC Leadership Retreat changes to meet the audience and global trends and contexts in which it takes place. Through this frame the ADC Leadership Retreat Reports document responses by leaders from the public and private sectors, academia and the broader community to the uncertainty and volatility exerting profound change across the globe.

Previous Australian Leadership Retreat themes:

  • 2011, On the Edge – Confidence in the face of Fragility
  • 2010, Building Resilience
  • 2009, Exploring the ‘New Normal’
  • 2008, Mapping Unchartered Waters – Risks & Opportunities
  • 2007, Harnessing the Shifting Power Equation
  • 2006, Building the Future
  • 2005, Future Prosperity – Taking Responsibility to Make a Difference
  • 2004, Confronting the Trust Crisis
  • 2003, Leadership in an Uncertain World – Vision, Hope & Trust
  • 2002, Creating a Sustainable and Viable Future, The Leadership Challenge