Cybersecurity And The Future Of Our Networks

Bluntly put there are two types of companies, those who have been hacked and those who are poised to be hacked. An alarming trend is that many see the issue of cyber security as merely contained to the corporate sector. Threats to network and data security have stemmed and will continue to stem from a multitude of state and non-state actors, posing threats to all and sundry, regardless of type, commercial enterprise, state body or individual. Understanding the nature of the cyber environment is the first step in pivoting to a reasonable position of defense. What are state and non-state … Read more

ADC Northern Development Summit Report

In June 2014 ADC Forum gathered the most extensive group of Australian and International leaders and decision makers to develop a shared vision and action plan for development of Australia’s northern regions. This Northern Development Summit; a non-partisan forum for Participants to shape this defining national project. Participation provided the opportunity to: Contribute to the creation of an action plan for the North to influence Government policy Build strong networks and direct connections to national and regional investors Hear directly from and communicate with key national decision makers Connect with a credible independent platform that is respected by governments and … Read more