Global economy update and searching for higher growth opportunities for Australia.

Australia’s economic health has consistently been at odds with the trend of many foreign state economies. Where many countries have seen their growth periods curtailed to six to eleven years, Australia has seen continuous growth for over twenty seven. Where many national economies were seen to buckle in the wake of the GFC, Australia’s economy registered merely a ripple. Now as the U.S nears its tenth year of expansion and by all measures the global economy seems to have ushered itself into a period of healthy growth, what are the threats posed to this rosy patch? From inherent structural weaknesses … Read more

ADC Northern Development Summit Report

In June 2014 ADC Forum gathered the most extensive group of Australian and International leaders and decision makers to develop a shared vision and action plan for development of Australia’s northern regions. This Northern Development Summit; a non-partisan forum for Participants to shape this defining national project. Participation provided the opportunity to: Contribute to the creation of an action plan for the North to influence Government policy Build strong networks and direct connections to national and regional investors Hear directly from and communicate with key national decision makers Connect with a credible independent platform that is respected by governments and … Read more

Future Summit 2012 Report: Volatility and Opportunities for Renewal

ADC Future Summit Report 2012[embeddoc url=”//” viewer=”google”] This report is provided as an example of ADC Forum initiatives. Contact Us to request orders from the full catalogue of out of print reports.