Australian Leadership Retreat 2023

Our World in Transition

23-25th March, 2023


Over its 26 year history of contributing to our nation’s and the world’s challenges, ADC Forum has actively offered solutions throughout several crises. The 2023 Australian Leadership Retreat will enable leaders from all sectors to contribute to shaping our future in a world in turmoil.

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Crisis has become part of the constant state of our world. Just as we are starting to gain some confidence about having managed the challenges of Covid, we are confronted by new economic turmoil of a scale which has not been seen for some generations. It is truly a perfect storm, with global recession, the threat of stagflation, geopolitical turmoil with the war in Ukraine and sabre rattling in Asia. We need to find ways of not only riding out this storm, but determining how Australia needs to change by developing longer term aspirations for our future.

What are Australia’s obligations to the world and how should we position ourselves within our region? What are the next reforms we need to consider, notwithstanding the challenges?

How to attend

The Retreat is an exclusive invitation-only event for people to contribute to the process of setting the agenda in this transformative process. You may  nominate a leader to attend.


The Program

Our program responds to the pressing imperative, in these turbulent times, to have the conversation about the future we want for Australia. We need fresh strategies, policies and reforms to adjust to the new world that is emerging.

World-class thought and industry leaders will contribute to this conversation. The program will feature plenary sessions, working lunches, small group discussions, industry sessions and workshops.

The Program

Events for you

Forum Membership is by invitation only. Persons invited to become Forum Members can use the the Forum platform to help shape regional and global agenda on key issues.

Industry Sessions

Industry sessions deliver a deeper understanding of the factors influencing key sectors, supported by economic updates, analyses and predictions from industry leaders.


Informal sessions where keynote speakers provide “behind the scenes” insights in a convivial, interactive environment.

Investor Circle

Meetings of investors sharing insights into asset classes, structures, regulatory developments and economic trends impacting on markets in a frank peer-to-peer discussion.

Country Briefings & Delegations

In depth insights from business leaders, government officials and academics illuminating current and future trajectories of countries critical to our future.

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One of the best conferences of this type anywhere in the world.

Martin Wolfe CBE Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator
The financial times

Major Partners

Our speaker lineup
Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM

Australia’s Chief Scientist

Dr Ken Courtis

Chairman, Starfort Investment Holdings

Dr Alan Finkel AC

Chair, Stile Education/Corporate Adviser on Climate Change Technologies

Professor Mahmood Sariolghalam

Professor of International Relations National University of Iran

Joe Schoendorf

Partner, Accel

Professor Nicholas Mulder

Asst Professor of History, Cornell University