The ADC Startup Exchange

The ADC Forum invites emerging entrepreneurs and businesses to submit their business plans for a “Pitch Off” as part of Future Summit 2015, encouraging all emerging businesses at all stages of growth to apply. Providing successful applicants exposure to Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors and Incubator Programs.

Awards and Prizes

Successful applicants will be also offered a series of awards and prizes including one of ten places at an exclusive startup boot camp with veteran entrepreneur Evan Thornley.

Online Application Requirements

Submissions for the ADC Startup Exchange program will be judged based on an Executive Summary of the business or idea. Submissions must be a written document (2 page limit) and slides (limited to 5 slides) covering the following six (6) points:

  1. The current status of your business/venture, start-up, just started or growing?
  2. You and your team:
    • Your team’s strengths, and weaknesses, what plans are in place to build a strong team?
  3. What is the current market place, who are the customers/users, where are they, and how many there?
    • How will you reach your customers?
  4. What is the opportunity and what created this opportunity?
    • What do your competitors do?
  5. What are your three-year goals?
    • How will you prosper and grow?
  6. The numbers:
    • An indication of your revenues, costs and surplus, now and for the next three years.
    • What do you need? Money? Advice? Introductions?

Applicants must attend the Future Summit in order to be eligible for any awards or prizes. Application content will only be used by ADC Forum for the purposes of the competition.

Submissions closed 5pm Monday 14 September 2015.