The ADC Future Summit 2010 took place on May 24h-25th 2010 at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.

The ADC Future Summit 2010 convened around the question – ‘Are the risks manageable?’ Some said this was a negative premise, but there is no doubt that the dialogue of the Summit reflected the optimism, hope and expediency that permeated our discussions.

Our task in 201o was to unblinkingly view the catalogue of threats and opportunities before us, disregarding the simplistic binary arguments that pollute public discourse. We needed to reject conflicting “either – or” propositions and ground our decision-making in the considered application of pragmatic ideas. Participants at the Future Summit took on this challenge with admirable appetite, interrogating old assumptions, pursuing understanding and provoking learning.

With focus and vigour, participants tackled these challenging questions and proposed new solutions for a fairer, healthier and more productive Australia.