The Australian Leadership Retreat 2017 is set for Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st May 2017 at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Australian Leadership Retreat is the country’s premier gathering of leaders from business, government and civil society, for the fearless exchange of ideas concerning Australia and the world. An invitation-only event, with strong international participation, the Retreat provides exceptional networking opportunities. It sets, rather than follows, the agenda and participants inform and influence business and national policies, through open, robust, and confidential debate, with a deliberate focus on the long term.

wolf-panelThe theme of this year’s discussion is ‘Confronting Reality – Shaping the Future‘. Building on last year’s discussion, its focus is on how we find new opportunities and lead through this new era of rapid social and technological change, and shifting geopolitical landscape.

There is a growing sense of disorder and fragmentation in the world as trade understandings and ambitions falter and countries responding to disillusioned populations begin to pull back from their potential. At the same time internal strategies are in conflict as regional dialogues are increasingly filling with concern over managing geopolitical trends and military developments.

The business and entrepreneurial community has a key role in contributing to global and regional peace and stability through market developments, investment and leading more fruitful narratives. Australia can play a critical role in cooperative survival, bringing greater coherence to regional aspirations and prosperity. Informed by leading Australian and international thinkers, the Australian Leadership Retreat will be seminal in contributing the understanding and commitment to action which needs to underpin our efforts in shaping the future with a sense of hope and opportunity.

The program is designed to present participants, drawn from the highest levels of business and other sectors, with broader insights to inform their strategies, through a series of exclusive and confidential briefings and discussions led by a distinguished group of Australian and international speakers.

The Retreat provides in-depth insights and offers exceptional opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions and networking.

Speakers Include

zhuminDr Zhu Min
Deputy Managing Director International Monetary Fund
Published extensively on a wide range of macroeconomic management, financial regulation and supervision, and financial market issues. He is a guest lecturer at several university graduate schools, and a frequent speaker at major global economic forums.

Joe Schoendorf    joeschoendorf
Partner, Accel Partners, USA

Member of the Foundation Board, Executive Committee, and US Boards at the World Economic Forum. With forty-five years of experience in high-technology including Hewlett-Packard, Ungermann-Bass, General Electric, and Apple Computers, has now been with Accel Partners for over 20 years.

Dr Woody Brock wbrock
President Strategic Economic Decisions Inc
25 years counseling global corporations and other institutions with in depth analysis of ongoing structural changes in the global economy. Holds BA, MBA, and MS from Harvard University, and MA and PhD from Princeton University (mathematical economics and political philosophy).

iangoldinProfessor Ian Goldin
Professor of Globalisation and Development, Oxford Martin School The University of Oxford
Founding Director of the Oxford Martin School in 2006 serving to September 2016, Vice President of the World Bank 2003-2006, and a Program Director at the OECD Development Centre in Paris. Nominated Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum. Published over 50 articles and 20 books.

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg mantrajtenberg
International innovation and R&D expert
Harvard education economist, Knesset Member and Chairman of the Budgeting and Planning Committee of the Council for Higher Education of the Israeli Government.


michaelkirbyThe Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG
International jurist, educator and former judge
Australia’s longest serving judge, first appointed in 1983 to the High Court and ongoing international arbitration with the United Nations, OECD, and the Commonwealth. Honorary Professor at 12 universities and in 1990 awarded the Australian Human Rights Medal.

michaeljefferyMajor General The Hon
Michael Jeffery
AC AO (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)

Chairman, Soils for Life
Former Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia. Awarded the Military Cross and the South Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Former Governor of WA, and founded Future Directions International.

nitindixitNitin Dixit
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Earthwise Group
Operating in the emerging conscious consumerism industry and an expert in building sustainable business models also speaks frequently on matters related to human consciousness, evolution and purpose.

Francis Gurry francisgurry
Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Chair, High-Level Committee on Management of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board. Author of Gurry on Breach of Confidence published by Oxford University Press.





Dinner and Keynote
The Future of Japan – Innovation or demography?
Future struggles for advanced nations?



Retreat Welcome

Industry Roundtable: Defence industry

Investor Circle: Capital markets and fund strategies Human Focus: education for innovation

Industry Roundtable: Healthcare

Investor Circle: Growth and innovation opportunities Human Focus: refugees, migration, cities


Lunch Keynote: Reality and Cultural Cohesion

Workshop: Strengthening politics

Opening Address

Brainstorming – Australia’s role in the changing world

Networking Dinner
Nightcap Sessions



Investor Circle Breakfast – by invitation

Dynamic global realities – identity, risk and return from the deeper dynamics of change

Integrated Grand Strategy
Sir Ninian Stephen Oration –
Can we transition from low growth to inclusive prosperity?


Lunch Topics: South Pacific Lunch Topics: Blockchain Lunch Topics: Egri-eCommerce

Working Lunch Breakouts

Lunch Topics: Modern Sovereignty Lunch Topics: Energy

Reality distortion – the problem with models, forecasting and measurement

Planet Earth – desperate times, desperate measures

M.G. Kailis Oration
– A flotilla of reality

Nightcap Sessions



Island Walking Tour

Advanced Global Development

Leading science and technology

Energy security

Embracing our technological future

Brainstorming – dumping ideas which hold us back