The Australian Leadership Retreat 2019 will be held from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2019 on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

It is the country’s premier gathering of leaders from business, government and civil society, for the fearless exchange of ideas concerning Australia and the world. An invitation-only event, with strong international participation, the Retreat provides exceptional networking opportunities. It sets, rather than follows, the agenda and participants inform and influence business and national policies, through open, robust, and confidential debate, with a deliberate focus on the long term.

Over more than two decades, the Australian Leadership Retreat has been a forum for top 100 CEOs to interact in an informal setting with Governors General, Prime Ministers, Presidents of other nations, Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Leaders, Department Heads, Vice-Chancellors and leading thinkers, including several Nobel Laureates, with international contributors constituting about one third of participants.

As the ADC Forum’s signature initiative, the Retreat has played a prominent and influential role both from a commercial and public policy viewpoint in the development of Australia over recent decades.

“One of the best conferences of this type anywhere in the world”

Martin Wolf CBE, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator ,The Financial Times.

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