The Australian Leadership Retreat 2018 will be held from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th June 2018 on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Australian Leadership Retreat is the nation’s premier gathering of leaders from business, government and civil society. With strong international participation, the Retreat provides for the fearless exchange of ideas concerning Australia and the world. It sets, rather than follows, the agenda. Participants inform and influence business and national policies, through open, robust, and confidential debate, with a deliberate focus on the long term. The gathering also allows for exceptional networking opportunities.

Participants and speakers include CEOs from major Australian and international companies, Federal Ministers and department heads, university Vice-Chancellors and eminent experts from around the globe.

The theme for 2018 is Challenging the Façade of Leadership and Shaping Opportunities

There is increasing fragility in the global geo-political and economic environment and conventional orthodoxies are no longer adequate to realise opportunities. Leaders of businesses and countries need to reimagine how they plan and convey longer term strategic vision and build trust, without being incapacitated by fears felt in many quarters.

The business and entrepreneurial community can contribute to global and regional peace and stability through market developments, investment and leading more positive narratives. Australia can play a critical role in cooperative survival, bringing greater coherence to regional aspirations and prosperity. Informed by leading Australian and international thinkers, the ALR will be seminal in contributing the understanding and commitment to action which need to underpin our efforts to shape the future with a sense of hope and opportunity.