Titomic: Remaining competitive in an advancing global market.

Image caption: Jeff Lang – Managing Director


ADC Forum had the chance to speak with Jeffrey Lang, Managing Director of Titomic.

Titomic is an Australian company, created to commercialise research and intellectual property, co-developed with the CSIRO. Titomic counts world-leading industry primes among the companies exploring the use of Titomic Kinetic Fusion™ systems and OEM production services.

Jeffrey has many years of business experience across multiple industries and working with international brands, manufacturers, research institutes and government agencies.

You recently announced a partnership with The Boeing Company – tell us a bit about that?

We’ve begun a partnership with Boeing to deliver additively manufactured parts, and we’re working closely to precision engineer our Titomic Kinetic Fusion™ (TKF) process to fit their specific needs and requirements. We look forward to a lengthy, mutually beneficial partnership between Titomic and Boeing.

How hard is it to remain on the cutting edge of these technologies in an advanced global market?

Titomic is proud to be a part of the additive manufacturing industry, which is set to revolutionise the way the world manufactures using digital technologies.  To stay at the forefront of new technologies requires constant analysis of advanced manufacturing capabilities that as part of the digital revolution is experiencing exponential growth but, in many instances, is not commercially viable. Titomic leverages digital platforms combined with fundamental R&D and a creative solutions approach to add value to traditional manufacturing as it evolves toward a digital future.

You have several other high-profile partnerships that have been announced lately, anything else in the pipeline you can share with us?

Titomic continues to work closely with our varied spectrum of clients within the aerospace, defence, mining, and consumer goods industries to realise digital manufacturing capability which is competitive with traditional manufacturing technologies. Our agreements and projects are continually progressing as we evolve as a global leader of digital manufacturing solutions for real industry capability to deliver sustainable industrial scale manufacturing for future generations.

What are the key differences between 3D printing and what Titomic offers?

Titomic’s technology is an additive manufacturing process that varies significantly from SLM and EBM metal 3D Printing processes which work by melting powder or wire to build layers forming a 3D object. Titomic’s Kinetic Fusion™ process is exponentially faster as we don’t melt metal and do not require an inert environment to mitigate oxidisation.

How is Titomic different from 3D Printing?

Titomic Kinetic Fusion™, as the name suggests, fuses metal particles by accelerating them at supersonic speeds, creating fusion upon impact by releasing energetic kinetic potential that is stored within the metal particles. This creates atomic level metallurgical bond that allows the fusion of dissimilar metals that cannot be joined with other known methods. This capability allows Titomic to not only build very large scale parts, but also high-performance coatings for applications such as hypersonic coatings for space as well as ballistics coatings for defence applications.

While Titomic’s technology and product offering resides within the industry of 3D printing, and is more broadly described as additive manufacturing, there are some key differentiators to Titomic’s technology?

Titomic’s technology is better defined as a digital manufacturing solution as it provides realistic capability to industries which want to evolve their additive manufacturing as a viable alternative to their traditional manufacturing processes. Titomic Kinetic Fusion™ can be utilised to evolve the next-generation of material science applications utilising our off the shelf TKF 1000 system or our large-scale TKF 9000 system, the world’s largest AM machine for producing large scale AM parts and coatings. To further enhance industry expectations to provide viable additive manufacturing solutions Titomic works closely with clients to build bespoke production lines that not only reduce dependency of cheap labour, but provide a competitive advantage of cost, volume and scale with digital traceability to allow companies to enter into the future of digital manufacturing.