Publications of proceedings and contributions of major ADC Forum events represent an enduring resource for business and public policymakers, disseminating insights and expert contributions. Provided to contributors, partners and relevant policy makers these reports are available for purchase by Contacting Us. Sample excerpts and executive summaries are provided below for reference and introduction to the most recent ADC Forum publications.

Northern Development – Creating the future Australia Report Sample: Summit report of the Northern Development Summit held in Townsville in 2014

Infrastructure for 21st Century Australian Cities Report Sample: Summit report of the National Infrastructure and Cities Summit held in Sydney in 2014.

Paying our way on Infrastructure: New Approaches. From the 2014 National Infrastructure and Cities Summit publication an excerpt was created, drawing focus on new infrastructure financing.

Frontiers in Education, Opportunities Beyond Disruption. From the 2014 Education Summit held in Melbourne, a key part of the ADC’s ongoing focus on disruption and opportunities in education.

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